Let’s change the world is an interactive documentary project about people who are trying to change the world on their own scale. The public will be able to meet them by selecting them by country or theme.

This project is supported by the foundation Film Spring Open, under the supervision of Florent Pallares, creator with Barbara Kurzaj of the international filmmakers group Red Eyes Cool. It is open to all people who would like to help in the different stages of creation and/or make their own documentary. The latter must be less than 16 minutes long and be sent via the filmfreeway platform.

These short documentaries can also take the form of cinejournalism. It is a collaboration between photojournalists and filmmakers. This concept was invented by doctors Thierry Gobert and Florent Pallares, who were able to experiment with this technique through the degree they created at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia and which became in 2021, the professional license : « Métiers de l’information : métiers du journalisme et de la presse » parcours « Photojournalisme, médias numériques et images audiovisuelles ». Some of their students have already worked on Let’s change the world, with the proposed documentaries opposite.

Another aspect of the project will be to try to create the most ecological audiovisual production possible. We have designed the making-of Make an interactive and ecological film in pandemic times to give some examples.

The first season of Let’s change the world will be launched at Film Spring Open Workshop in October 2021 in Krakow. It will be accessible for free on all social networks.

The highest rated documentaries by the public will be edited into a feature film, the proceeds of which will be distributed to the selected filmmakers.

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